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Player Class of Playing/Played College Lacrosse Division
Max Freestone 2018 Florida Southern Div II
Russell Gilligan 2016 Norwich University Div III
Noah Plotkin 2016 College of Wooster Div III
Carson Davis 2015 Ottawa University NAIA
Justin Gray 2015 Saint Leo University Div II
Carter Smith 2015 Arizona State University MCLA
Trevor Wendt 2015 Northern Arizona University MCLA
Alex Larson 2014 Rutgers University Div I
Steven Larson 2013 University of Maryland Baltimore County - UMBC Div I
Rhett Rodgers 2013 Arizona State University MCLA
Mitchell Drake 2012 Arizona State University MCLA

Ryan Erickson

2012 NDMU - Notre Dame de Namur Div II
Finn Wells 2012 Arizona State University MCLA
Tommy Driver 2011 Chapman University MCLA
Luke Dye 2011 Mesa State CO Div II
Ian Connell 2010 Arizona State University MCLA
Ian Gray 2010 University of Maryland Baltimore County - UMBC Div I
Payson Clark 2009 Arizona State University MCLA
Zane Clark 2007 Grand Canyon University Div II
Stephen Black 2005 University of Illinois MCLA
Evan McAbee 2004 Loyola University Div I
Peter Simpson 2004 Towson University Div I
Austin Gray 2003 Arizona State University MCLA
Mike Gellar 2001 University of Pennsylvania Div I
William Young   Stanford University MCLA